1000 gifts ~ room for him

23. change of plans: a boy, not a girl
24. colors of strong trees: green, brown, yellow, orange

25. loving her always
26. holding him closer because of her

27. remembering, never forgetting:
     28. a Shepherd in the wilderness
     27. His timing
     29. claiming promises personally
     30. He is not a problem-solver, but a heart-communer
 31. my hope lies not in a baby, but in the person of Christ
32. precious gain through loss
33. the Word of God~a letter to the soul

34. knowing it was a boy, even before I knew
35. hearing His voice
36. peace that calmed doubt & fear
36. being sure that I would hold him alive

38. eyes that open wide & blue
39. todays first smiles & coos
40. a healthy set of baby lungs

41. colic remedies: apple cider vinegar, gripe water, dairy-free diet, chiropractor, digestive enzymes
42. patient Daddy
43. baby buns

44. fabric from my friend's G'ma "Honey"
45. Goodwill finds

46. a big brother who doesn't mind sleeping on a traveling mattress 
47. all those stuffed animals
48. the way Cade nurtures 

49. seeing daisies in my everyday
50. placing all my babies in His arms
51. He can be trusted through valleys, mountaintops, wilderness, desert

I've joined Ann at Holy Experience with many others in expressing gratitude to God, the giver of all good things. 


Tonight I ordered a gift for my baby: gripe water.
I love you my sour pea.


1000 gifts

1000 Gifts on my bedside table is prompting me to make a list. 
(Along with my friends ~ ShawnaRachel & Hope.) 
Counting His gifts of thanksgiving in my day.
Seeing God in everything, right where I'm at.
Knowing the joy that gratitude brings.

And in my morning reading:
"Therefore by Him let us continually offer the sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to His name." Heb 13:15

1. a spring musical in the making
2. sisters: all 5
3. a challenge to offer to God first-fruits, not leftovers
4. Noah Thomas: a 10 day younger cousin

5. a husband who continually serves
6. soft rise and fall of a newborn sleeping close
7. creative messy play everyday 

8. three kids accomplishing chores consistently
9. homemade baby gifts
10. p.e. class for pent up children, especially the boy
11. swaddling and pacifiers for a fussy baby

12. 3 homeschool families in the neighborhood
13. a valentines date at the Cottage...pearls
14. 6ft. snowman whose nose got broke off for a snack

15. meals still coming to my doorstep
16. adventurous parents 
17. little boy galloping on a stick horse, asking earnestly if it's made with a real horse's head
18. easing back into my kitchen
19. homemade valentines only rule

20. this old house
21. newborn baby breath
22. muddy floors & boots