Elim did

just sit and watch the train go around, but even this simple play makes us smile.


Elim did

go in a kayak by himself...

with his mommy holding the rope on shore.


North Shore 2012 Part 3

Food always tastes better around the campfire. It's almost like an ocean, that Lake Superior. The hike was tough, but really fun said Chloe(!). Baby, you're a trooper. The dad of my children -he is a gift to us all. As he gently leads us to places we'd otherwise not go, there we see a reflection of Him.
Our Lord, Shepherd and Father.


Elim did

find himself enthralled with the skid loader, buggy, cement trucks, and activity of getting a new driveway and sidewalk.


North Shore 2012 Part 2

More camping. More rocks, mud, water. Bells on the baby. More food. One fish. Making people out of nature. Luke 12. Leaf rubbings. More time full of His grace.


North Shore 2012 Part 1

Pictures tell a story just fine, right? 
But as far as words go... remembering back, they are:
"Thank you Lord for this time of just us. We rode hours and noticed the glory of the setting sun.  As our family of 6 milled close, it felt like suffocation or sweet fellowship, depending on your choice mood. To watch the smile of the little outdoors-toddler spreads smiles all around. With the smell of stinky diapers, there was that cool pine air. It didn't kill us to get up at 4:30 am on vacation. When there's a challenge to find a certain shaped stone, we could spend hours among millions. The pre-planning of food paid off in peace and yumminess. But, Hun, can you take me back, so I can grill that fish you catch over the fire? A wildflower handbook would've made me seem a little smarter. So, yes, thank you Lord for this undeserved gift of time."