It might be awhile...

till I blog again. I know you're all so so sad.

My pardon up until now is Andy and my long weekend away. Lots of catching up on the menial tasks plus retraining myself to be a patient and unselfish parent(not that I ever was one). Not to mention, retraining the kids that they have a mom and dad, not just g'parents, aunts, and aunt's friends.

Also, we have started school this week. I am the teacher. It is going great so far and I realize that if I schedule my mornings well it won't make a huge change in the day. That and the fact that it's only kindergarten.

But here's the real reason I'm justifying a lull: my computer is dying. Technical support over the phone today made this more of a reality. "Oh____ My____ Goodness (low voice, long and drawn out)" was his response when I told him my computer is over 7 years old. It won't connect to the internet. We are weighing our upgrade or buy new options. I am on Andy's laptop which doesn't always come home with him. Be back sometime.


Lake Adventure

Some mothers and kids got together for a picnic at a park by the local lake. Afterwards we wanted to swim at the beach which we thought would be a sinch to get to, but since the DNR closed the main gate due to rising water from the rain, we had to walk instead of drive.

We started on a trail close to our picnic spot thinking it would be a great short cut.
The woods got thicker, the path was disappearing and the kids were sure poison ivy was attacking them.So we hiked up to the main gate and took the road down glad to know it would get us to the beach.

A good 1/2 mile, all downhill, we were there!

Soaking in the last days of summer, it proved to be fun in the sun for us 5 moms and 18 kids. Yes 18 kids!


Ozark 2

The trip down wasn't the best, thank goodness the trip back was better.

Here's the bug vacuum. I put it to use the first night catching a cicada in our bathroom.
Making the cabin a "home".

Silly Leyla.

If you wanted to know where our kids were, just look for the Moffitt cousins.

Great G'pa Moffitt
Evening meetings were exciting with G'ma's bag of fun.

Sammy Layne's birthday party.

Andy's g'parents - Frank & Barbara and aunt Lois.
Hannah and blue lip Chloe

Lead me rides

Words cannot describe how HOT is was.

Ahh, swimming felt so good every afternoon on these 100 degree days.

Caden caught a beautiful luna moth...and tore part of his wing off.

Can't wait to see you next year Katara!

We really did have a great time! Camp has been a big part of both our lives and we want to pass that on our children. Most of the Moffitt clan was there, so it was a treat to spend a whole week with them. Andy and I were able to have some time together running in the morning, working in the kitchen and star gazing at the dock. We were so blessed by Dan Smith - main speaker and the Rolingers - elective speakers.


Is this better? Good. Done.


This was not on my "to do" list today, I have many other things, but somehow I got sucked in.
Consider this blog under construction, especially since Andy was brutally honest and said, "no likee".


Off to Camp!

The packing list includes:
  • Nemo and Spongebob sleeping bags
  • 3 lifejacket/wetsuits
  • 3 pairs of goggles
  • bug collecting vacuum, bug net, bug box
  • 3 little flashlights
  • Kids DVDs, CDs, and books

Be back in a week!