Even though we are swimming in toys after Christmas, for some reason I'm looking at them online today. Kari told me about the great sale at toysrus.com plus $20 off if you use paypal checkout.

The twin's birthday is not too far off, so I guess that is shopping justification? I'm looking at dolls for Chloe. For some reason I regretted that I didn't get my girls a doll for Christmas. Not that they need one, but every year when I was young I got a doll. (Conveniently, my grandma and I were both doll lovers.) But dolls just seem to be part of Christmas for a little girl. However, I don't want to stress this. I certainly don't want to put expectations on what gifts my children think they need. Conversely, I hope to teach them they really don't deserve anything.

Does anyone remember My Child dolls? My sister and I were reminiscing about them. A flood of memories come back when I hear their name. I LOVED them. I asked Mom if she still had mine, and last she remembered, it at been colored on with a marker and sent to Goodwill...

Interestingly you can still get them only they are now vintage dolls (am I really that old?), sold on ebay, etc. I found pics of the two I used to have. I wonder if they will ever be manufactured again? I hope so!

I thought this Madame Alexander doll at Target was really cute.

I also like the American Girl Bitty Baby. The price isn't so nice.
But is buying toys really worth it when your kids, amongst piles of new toys, are choosing to play with a board, hammer and nails?


Isn't it still Chrismastime?

Or maybe I just don't want the fun to end. But the city trees are still lit down our alley...

After being at my parents for almost 5 days, we are now home. Andy is back to a flexible few work days. As much as we didn't want to leave, it was time. Too much sugar and too little sleep landed Cade and Leyla a bad cough/cold. So my much need workout at the Y has been postponed and we are house bound today. That's a good thing with all the laundry and unpacking to be done. But it's still Christmastime in my book! So we are being a bit lazy and unscheduled. Hopefully, sickness will pass soon because there is more celebration in the coming days. The kids enjoyed being in their pj's till noon and building with their new Lego sets. Thanks Grandma!


Take a peek at this.

I must admit, not much I read on Josh's blog stirs my heart. Most of the time it makes me either laugh or roll my eyes. But, Jesus, the Gift is so well written as he expresses gratitude for Christ's birth and his first newborn girl. We are praising the Lord with you both, Josh and Brooke!


Sigh. This Old blog.

This blog.
It's a constant source of guilt... there's so much I want to write about, but don't.
So I succumb to a simple "wish I wrote about" list:
Thanksgiving in Arkansas.
My hair dyeing disaster.
Our 4 days in Minneapolis for Andy's work Christmas party.
Cute Goodwill finds.
THE wedding.
Our 8th anniversary.
Thoughts on fighting the "I want" mentality in the season.
And I will leave you with pictures.

THE wedding.

Bridal lunch.

Josh and Abby.
Caleb and Katy.
The whole Rinehart family.

These are my favorite! The snowy day was gorgeous and so was the wedding party. I just hopped on the back of that wagon for a ride out to the barn. Even though it was about 15 degrees, it was worth it. Breathtaking. I hope the bridesmaids toes have thawed by now...

Beautiful Kari.
LOVELY Sisters.

I didn't get many during and after the wedding. I'm sad.


Cooking is a family affair.
Cowboy vs. Princess
So sweet.
We were at a cabin in the beautiful Ozarks.
Thanksgiving dinner.
Touring a cave. Watch your head there are thousands of...

Great G'pa.
Snap, snap, snap. Good enough.
Morning movie and cereal.
Playing near the lake.
Poor Micah fell in.

Carrots. I always did love Anne of Green Gables. At least it didn't turn green. After multiple fixes, it's now more auburn. And that's definitely the short story.