This is our new prince kitten. Our princess kitten ran a way a couple months because she didn't like us anymore. Or maybe she was pursuing motherhood... 
This boy is starting out much calmer and more lovable, hopefully he's here to stay.
Now we need to agree on his name.


A little mommy/dottie time while the boys are on a father/son camp out equals
a slumber party, rhubarb cobbler, a morning at the farmer's market, naps, flower picking, dinner out, Little Rascals and Road to Avonlea.


Rainy Daze House Tour

Some days it seems like we're just walking around in circles
Especially on these rainy days. 
If a room happens to get picked up, another one is simultaneously getting messed.
As soon as we're done with one meal, it's time to make another.

Only one of us has ventured into the soggy outdoors. 


No wonder... nothing crossed off on my chore chart

more messiness

muddy room

yes, she is half dressed

fun was had in here

this room is more disastrous than it looks

how much stuff can you stash by the chair?

This is on my fridge.
If this was true in my life, messes would look so wonderful.
So now we're going to all hold hands and dance circles around all these messes...