Harvest Time

The kids and I played hooky the other day to get in on a little harvesting. But real life is the best way to learn anyways. So we drove up to my parent's and around the corner to my grandpa's for some
combining, apple picking, rope swinging, horse petting, shed exploring, chili eating, grandparent loving.


 This red shed at my grandpa's is where I spent hours playing house. My grandma helped make this shed a "home" and lovingly stocked this with antique everything - even a tv and crank phone.

The playhouse is now in a bit of shambles, but the memory of my grandma is strong when I peek inside.  She took such joy in playing with us kids and spoiling us rotten. We rode our bikes to their house any day we could. I like to think I got my love for domestics from her.


Farmer Mark
Up the nose close quarters in the combine cab.

Mom's on a mouse trapping rampage. The kid's didn't know whether to be grossed out or give pity to the little things.



 Chicken carcass

This is Bullseye and Zane

Zane suddenly died a few days after this, we will all miss him, especially my sister Julie. R.I.P.



She is our first pet. Rescued from the danger of big animals at my parents farm. Still in danger of 3 precarious kids. She lives in our garage right now, but visits in doors occasionally. And may permanently, come winter. Because, after all, she is a baby princess.


I've got a little bump with some BIG news!

We are going to have a baby! The addition will be here the beginning of May. These munch-kins couldn't be more giddy about the news. The same goes for the parents!
After many many prayers (by young and old) over the past couple years we are humbled that the Lord has answered our desire for more children. And when His timing was questioned, it also brought pruning and gratitude that would be found in no other avenue than His plan for our family. This addition He is lending us is sweeter because of our tears, but more than anything we are thankful to be able to trust a wise Builder.
"Unless the Lord builds this house, we labor in vain who build it." Ps.127:1