Happy 1st birthday Elim Mark!

You are an answer to prayer, healing to our hearts, plus screeches and smiles galore. But we know you are not just for us, but ultimately for the Lord. May you grow in His grace and redemption and become a mighty man of God.

decorating by Leyla, Jocelyn, Caden & Chloe
cake made by Leyla
dinner made my Mommy
decoration tear down by Elim Mark
skyping grandparents by Daddy
photography Mommy and Chloe


Motherhood: I'll take the good and the bad

Before they woke up, the Lord was preparing me for this... I was reminded that I can (somewhat) control their behavior, but I cannot control their hearts. But their behavior is an outflow of their hearts, so what is a mother to do? Pray. 
"Lord take my sons' heart of stone and turn them to hearts of flesh" (Ez. 36:26)
"Lord, I don't want good behavior (but I do!), I want good hearts..."

The day unfolded with much opposition, constant behavior correcting and earnest heart motivating...but the feeling of defeat set in all too easily.(I wanted to play hide and no-seek.)

And that's when Chloe came with her soft heart and showed me that the Lord was working, even when I couldn't see it.

"Mom, I know how you feel..."(and the tears start) "when I play house with my friends and I'm the mom, it can be really frustrating. I'm so sorry."

Thank you~

#293 that I cannot control human hearts.
#294 that I can give them over to the Heart-Changer everyday through prayer.
#295 that He knows them better than I do.
#296 that it's His work not mine, redemption.
#297 that I am called to show them this.

photos by Rebekah Stephenson
i am reading: 

Warrior Prayers: Praying the Word for Boys in the Areas They Need it Most


on and under the dining table:

where pancake-eating, monopoly, smoothies, crafting, thank-you card making and lunch


elim did

lick the top of the detergent bucket a couple times before his mother put an end to it.