Fact: Ummm this looks heavenly.
Feelings: excited & guilty anticipation

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a mess of love

The children sadly put the spiderman and dora valentines back on the store shelf. 
I felt a little mean, but thought that they should make their own valentines to save money, use their imaginations and make memories. At that moment it didn't occur to me what chaos and untidiness was awaiting.
But the faces they had as they admired their tokens of love was worth it.


Floor redo

Alas, we still can't justify putting down new wood floors, so we tried to improve what we have. A little paint for those ugly, patched, 3 types of wood, 100 year old planks.
I loved them after the white primer.
But my hubby said absolutely no way. He's wise, he knows that white floors = cranky wife.
So black bean they became.
A new rug atop.
Done after 3 days.
The budget breakdown:
Paint =$200 (Sherwin Williams)
8x10 Wool Rug=$200 (TJ Maxx)
Total = $400
We call this recession flooring.


Browsing archives instead of slumbering...

Oogling my oldest baby.
Noticing how young we both look.
But wasn't that just yesterday?

Praying for patience and joy in the now.
Knowing that these moments are impatiently going.
Are these moments for their good?
Will their lives turn out for the good of Him?
Thanking Him for grace.


one cool house

Thanks Joel and Karime!


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