Easter gifts

#71 His death our life
#72 resurrection
#73 life long memories in every corner of my grandpa's place
#74 my kids romping around the countryside, filthy
#75 happy Elim
#76 home church Sunday brunch: a FULL house
#77 daffodils picked & placed by aunt Norine



Counting back... a month ago

52. 24 hours in Kansas City
53. sacrificial grandparents
54. a trip to Little Rock for the girls
55. listening to heaven is for real in the car
56. seeing planned parenthood out my window...deep breath...babies in heaven

57. five birthdays within three days
58. a visit from family

59. uncle Nate's Toy Story 3 birthday cake
60. aunt Rachel's hummingbird cake

61. four sweet cousins
62. lots of newborn cuddling from Grandma

63. legos with breakfast

64. baby alarm clock

65. Hebrews 13

66. parachutes containing the Truth for the Colombian jungles

67. dress up, lots and lots of dress up
68. 9 weeks of Elim Mark

69. seeing new life in a young couple
70. baptisms in our church meeting

I've joined Ann at Holy Experience with many others in expressing gratitude to God, the giver of all good things.