Jack O' lantern designs #1 #2 #3

Have a good weekend! I know we will, because G'pa and G'ma are visiting from down south!


It's nasty

and soggy out our door.

The pumpkin patch won't be visited after all.

Our throats are scratchy, too.

So we'll snuggle in

and busy ourselves with books

and paints.

Because it's just so

nasty and soggy outside.

Plus our throats are scratchy.


Hot off the press!

Our new nephew is born: Joseph Andrew Madden
8lb. 12 oz.
21 in.
happy and healthy

out our bedroom balcony door


Shenandoah Costume GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

In a hasty attempt to look better one morning, I hacked a few inches off my hair.
Not sure if it was an accomplishment... but true to history, that's how our relationship works. My hair and I.


The other day I met my sisters, Julie and Jill

at one of my favorite places

Then we went to register for this soon mama & baby

Thanks to Kari for keeping my wild munch kins.

Actually, there is another gal expecting a baby in our family.
Andy's sister Rachel is about to pop! (too bad I can't show you her belly)

Needless to say, we are excitedly anticipating these wee ones.


I did 2 scary things today:

  • Attempted to bake a batch of bread after being on strike for months.


Marker Freaks
After much tainting in many places, these tools of naughtiness (i.e. markers) should be banned from our house.

But I just don't have the heart...

Because they are sometimes used as tools of beauty, but more importantly they are loved so so much.