I have to say, twins, that our life was doubly blessed on March 16th, 8 years ago. 
Our prayer is that you know Christ's presence in your life, every day, as your loving guide. 
That you will choose the right way, even when it's hard, because it is the path of life. 
Love you my sweets!

Reminiscing is a must...oh how fast they grow!


 A zoo animal party that was more like "explosion of the Wal-Mart and Dollar Tree decorations". 
Remember, we do haphazard birthday parties here.

 Some backyard games, a banana split ice cream cake, the Silver Chair with glow sticks, girls slumber in the living room and boys brave the outdoor tent.

Happy birthday!

Yes, March is long gone...trying to catch up.


Dear Grandma,
I had butterflies in my tummy as I tore open the package

thank you soooo much for the prairie dress

it fits perfectly!
Chloe Joy


Winter Hike

A couple months back we trekked out to a tall grass prairie refuge

you had to keep moving because it was chilly

hide and go seek in the grass

we were hoping to go back and do a snowshoe hike, but it never snowed that much...

attempts to restore the lands natural ecosystem

which includes bison and elk

and lots of other wild life

her hair is looks like tall prairie grass
Why didn't I get a shot of that rosy baby face? He was there on his daddy's back.
I love these family times, even though I know they aren't as serene as the pictures show... because there's always a bit of chaos mixed in.