What NOT to do at Walgreens!

Before you start reading "what not to do" is displayed in orange. If this looks like an overkill (it is) scroll down to my last 2 points!

I was encouraged by Rachel and Shawna to take advantage of the deals at Walgreens. They did a great job explaining how to go about using coupons and rebates to get items for next to nothing. They are in no way to blame for my stupidity. So I decide to head to Walgreens. I'll figure it out once I get there. No planning for me!

I buy a Sunday paper and pull out just Walgreens ad. I thought it was a little strange they were also in all the store carts... I thought this was why I bought the S.P. I spoke with the sales lady asking her how to use everything, she wasn't much help. I felt stupid and pestery, so I just started my shopping.

After probably an hour of scrutinizing the coupons vs. rebates (nothing matched up), punching numbers in my head, strolling the aisles in a unfamiliar store hunting for the rebate deals.

Here's what I ended up with checking out counter:

  • 3 boxes Post cereal total - 10.99 (rebate of $5)I pay 5.99
  • Kimberly Clark products total -22.54 (rebate $10) I pay 12.54
  • Chlorasceptic strips - 2.99 (free after rebate) I pay 0
  • Joint Juice - 5.99 (free after rebate) I pay 0
  • 3 oral B tooth brushes - 13.47 (free after rebate) I pay 0
  • Paper bathroom products - 10.58 (rebate $10) I pay .58

My grand total? 66.38 Wow that seems like so much for what I got! I ask the cashier again if I'm doing this right to get the best deal. She said "well you can use the coupons in the Sunday paper." I have the Walgreen's coupon add and nothing matches with the rebates. She shows me the MANUFACTURER'S coupons and quickly thumbs through them saying that nothing matches with what I got. Ok.... still this can't be right...but I gotta get out of here before I go crazy!

I get home so flustered and frustrated knowing something wasn't right. I spread everything out in the living room reevaluating it, by this time knowing it was the absence of manufacturer's coupons that was my mistake. Andy is looking at me pitifully and saying "if I were to go to Walmart you'd probably pay like $20 for all this, not $67, they must really jack their prices up!"

I get on Rachel's blog and read "Walgreen's explained...hopefully". Man, why couldn't I have read this before I shopped?

I went back to Walgreens and returned:

  • 2 Oral B tooth brushes, kept ONE (the rebate was 1 free not 3) and used $1 off coupon, so I actually made $1!
  • Kimberly Clark products because 12.54 wasn't that good of a deal
  • 3 boxes Post cereal because 5.99 wasn't that good of a deal and they were cereals I'd normally would not buy.

As I'm returning this stuff I spy and shelf with ALL THE REBATE ITEMS ON IT. I felt like going and knocking them all down.

Ok, I get $46 credited back to me. Whew, I felt better!

Bottom line:

I am an idiot! Trust me you'll do much better than I did!

I got $20 worth of free things! ($10 of it is stuff I normally wouldn't buy)

I've learned "what not to do at Walgreens". Yes, I'll try again. I DO think there are deals to be found!

So mark my words:

Refresh yourself from "Walgreens explained...hopefully"

Collect manufacturer's coupons before you go. This might take a bit of effort.

Plan out exactly what you are getting that corresponds best with manufacturer's coupons, in store coupons, and monthly coupons/rebates. You can use them all together.

Go to the shelf with all the rebate items sitting nice and neat in front of you.

Yes, there are some deals at Walgreens. The key is getting it down, so that your time spent doesn't overwhelm your money saved.

If you can, go with Rachel or Shawna!


We got some snow. Being January, this is rare to be the first big dump, usually it comes sooner. I love the snows that cover everything and make clean and sparkly.

This past weekend:
  • We did a family night out which included playing at the mall's squishy play ground, going to Costco, eating at Panera Bread.
  • I shopped at Old Navy's 50% off the clearance prices and got next winter clothes for the kids. The most I payed for any one item was $10 on a pair of boots! I got 2 winter coats $7 ea. It was exciting!
  • We went to the Y. Andy ran 12 miles Sat and Sun combined. =)
  • Caden and Leyla had fun playing in the snow. Chloe was content to stay in where it's warm and dry.
  • Andy and I attended another "Christmas" party for his office. He works with a great group of people and we are excited to keep getting to know them better.
  • We had over 20 vistors at our church Sunday. Great!
  • I sorted through a huge lot of books my mom gave me. I'm excited to read "Christy", "The Strong-Willed Child" ahem, "Musings of a Mother", "Evangelism for the Faint-Hearted" and "Abigail Adams".
  • Oh, yes and potty training. It's going ok, pretty good today. I blame it on myself for not staying home and focusing on it (that's what I did with Leyla and she was a sinch). I'm telling ya, it was great fun at church taking 3 kids to the bathroom 3 times over.
  • We enjoyed a yummy meal and "Loaded Question" game at friend's house.


Any guesses as to what we are doing today?


We were all in the car when we hear this.

Chloe (singing): Mommy's a princess, Mommy's a princess...
Leyla (bossily and loudly): NO! Mommy is NOT a princess. She is just a mom. She is plain.