Crossing and Stitching

Since I only have one more item to check off my cleaning schedule for the day, I have a little time on my hands. Unless you count the other list for all the extras that need to be accomplished. A woman's work is never done right?

Other facts influencing my free time feelings are: the kids are happily watching Little House on the Prairie. And because I have such a fondness of it myself, my normal tv guilt is at a minimum. Speaking of guilt and time, the kids will be eating Wednesday's cheap McD's happy meals for dinner en route Prayer Meeting. "Plan/make dinner" has a check by it.

A minute ago, I came SO close to lugging my wonderful, ancient, avocado-green, Kenmore sewing machine up from the basement. The machine my grandpa got me at and auction for $20 right after I got married. The at least 100lb. machine my poor husband pushed across the Denver airport in a umbrella stroller. But the humiliation was worth it because he paid $0 for a sewing machine that every new wife must have. And he didn't know it at the time, but pushing that blessed machine was a cinch compared to a screaming baby.

Oh! I have some sewing projects on the horizon. At least I want to have some if the "to do" lists ever end. I'm concluding that they won't, though, so it's one or the other - it's about making priorities:

  • den curtains in ivory burlap

  • felt hair clips for the girls (with their help)

  • spring couch pillow covers

  • and after 10 yrs., another quilt

These are gorgeous & free quilt patterns from Amy Butler Design.

Ok, who wants to make a quilt?!

Well, time is up and now I'm going to write "blogging" on my list....and then cross it off.