It's been over a month since my last real post. Like everyone else, we have been busy. No complaints though, because it's been fun busy! Springtime brings everyone out of the woodwork and gets them together!
So, yeah, graduations, 2 weddings, BBQs, baseball game, a birthday, a friend's baby born, a baby shower, knocking out kitchen walls, farmer's markets, road races, VBS, another trip to Minn., baby puppies on the farm...
That's what we've been doing!

These pictures are taken with my birthday gift from Andy.

On my parent's farm.

These dogs were the proud parents of 7 puppies who they had to give up for adoption, despite my children's prayers.

Caden saw one of these pups be born. Nothin like the farm to get an edjacashun. =)Asparagus picking. Teach her how to work g'ma!

More to come...


Do you notice anything suspicious?
And I'm not talking about the headband.

Think you've found it?

Uhhh, sorry Uncle Jesse.