Becka was over recently and gave me some pointers on lighting. We used my nephew, Uriah, as our subject. Ohhh my, isn't he a pumpkin?


Butterfly catcher

This week our taste buds are thanking our local farmer's market, but more specifically ~ my parents.


North Shore

"Who needs Colorado?", I said as we hiked along a river's waterfall. Andy admitted he was thinking the same, but reprimanded me for saying those blasphemous words out loud. Sorry former homeland.
No, there were not mountains...but some cliffs and pine air, water falls, lakes, rivers and more lakes and rivers, seagulls, mines, lighthouses, ships.

I will admit, my cheerfulness was tested the first day or two by rain and chill. I fought many thoughts of "what is the point of this? Survival? Ugg." Andy said I faked it really well, though. Good thing he can't read my mind.
This sort of existence forces me to adjust from "ekkkk, we are so dirty" to:
  • Who cares if there is sand in my bed?
  • Who cares if Caden mistakes dog poop for a rock to add to his collection?
  • Who cares if he also mistakes fish bate (i.e.: out-all-night chicken) for lunch?
  • Who cares if we put a worm on the hook and then our hand in the chip bag?
  • Who cares if the shower is a cold mist?
  • Who cares if we hug a tree or sit on a rock to pee regularly?
Camping is all about letting go and becoming one with nature.
The sooner I embrace the fact the freer I am to calm enjoyment.

Some Quotes:
"Does she speak spanish Mommy?" "No sweetie, that's a MN accent"
"How does a mommy worm carry her baby?"
"Do worms curl up when they sleep?"
"Naaa, lets just go to the circus instead." (upon hearing suggestions of hiking, canoing, fishing, etc.)
"Maybe we should just find a real fisherman to catch a fish for us Dad."
"My favorite part of our trip was playing with those girls at the campground." (with whom he talk to for 5 min.)

As the weather gradually got better, we enjoyed the land to the fullest. It's amazing how children occupy themselves with rocks, sticks, birds, water, sand, leaves, bark, fire, bugs, etc. It's so fun to watch.

It was a great opportunity to put my new camera to use. I don't have it all figured out yet, so tips are definitely welcome. For starters, lesson #1: don't leave your battery charger at home. My favorite days of the trip we didn't capture. So so dumb.

Thanks, Lake Superior
We love each other more because of you (ya know, family time).
See ya next time!

local fish & chips


down to the lake to fish

site seeing

Any coffee house = luxury often sought


Destination: Temperance River State Park

All packed up! Almost everything fit in the camper.

No blogging, but maybe some reading.

Or just gazing at Lake Superior. (Photo found here.)

We are excited to go up to the crisp air of the MN's north shore. There is nothing like camping for family togetherness. And practicing my cheerfulness in the wild. Packing is half the effort, so done. Plus, when you have a husband like mine who lends his hand to every camping chore, it's not that rough. Even if he's not desperate for me to love camping, he'd do that. And I'm liking camping. Last year set me back a bit, but I think I'm on the trail to loving it. I'll let you know in about a week.

I'm sharing our simple menu for you to use on your next camping trip.


Pancakes/ OJ

turkey sausage




Pita pizzas



Egg sandwiches


Tuna & chicken w/ ranch on crackers


veggie burgers





peanut butter / honey tortillas


grilled fish/ veggie pacs



Bagels/cream cheese




beans/rice on tortilla



cold cereal



trail mix

Cheerful Camping!