Going up to these folks for Christmas. Can't wait.


Finally there is snow here.
We are hunkering down trying to get in a 2 more good weeks of school while
Daddy gets work and travel put to rest before a break.
Lake Country's Christmas choral program left us blessed with there rendition of Born In Bethlehem including harmony, a drum, bells and a xylophone.
Come on in and enjoy Third Day's version with us.
And now, I've got a hankering to make some whoopie pies...off to the kitchen.


preparing for our most anticipated gift

in less than 4 weeks.


When she's left in charge of combing her hair for the week.



Henry loves his sleep. Anywhere, however.

Obviously we love this cat...and that's a big confession for Andy and I who have never been cat people. But since he's so sweet and the kids find so much joy in him... we've fallen.


Since I happen to be a foodie and happen to be prego, plus many other reasons...
welcome Trader Joes!


The leaves are almost all gone at our house. 
I suppose if they lasted longer, we wouldn't savor them quite so much.


30 Weeks

photo by Caden

Feeling great here! 
Also, I'm realizing how close it's getting to meeting this baby. I've been sewing up a few tiny & simple things, but I need to get for real ready soon - before the holidays start rolling.
order a crib mattress
sew a crib quilt
hang roman shades
hunt down a bassinet
order cloth diaper supplies
clean car seat in storage
sew more baby clothes =)
switch Caden to bunk with the girls (temporarily)

In related news, my sister who is due 10 days after me is having a boy, too.
And my brother and his wife just announced they are expecting!

The kids pray every night that this baby will come to live with them and the Lord has given peace that this Christmas will be so much different than last.
We are very blessed.


 They play house outside while I do the real thing inside.
It's a perfect combination.


I took these pictures awhile back on a day we had super-cleaned the kid's bedrooms. This book gave me the idea of photo documenting their rooms to remember what they looked. I think I'll be glad when they're teenagers to see the silly things like rocks, feathers, carousels, ballet pics their dressers and their favorite things to sleep with. So for the sake of memories, here's a little tour.
But mind you, it isn't a true representation because these rooms are usually a disaster,
especially the girls.

Leyla & Chloe's Room

Cade's Room

As seen, I have done minimal to none decorating in the kids rooms. And the quilts on their beds are always changing. Kinda whatever happens, happens. I like it that way actually. Haphazardly, it's "them". Junk treasures and all.

Now, we are starting to do some bedroom rearranging to make space for the baby boy. 
With 3 small bedrooms (2 for kids, 1 for us), it is a strategic endeavor.
Cade just might have half his room in the storage closet...

This is to remember our recently sold bedframe that Andy made when we were first married. Pine wood hand-picked by us in a CO mountain lumber yard. Sad... but it overtook our tiny bedroom. If this room is ever picture worthy, I'll show photos.