If you haven't already heard...

The other night at dinnertime we put these baby cut outs under each of the children's plates. We said "we have a surprise for you, look under your plate". The whole meaning/symbolism idea was a little hard to grasp, but they finally understood that a new baby will be a part of our household in the future.
We feel truly humbled that the Lord has chosen to give us another child (plural would be fine, too). The end of October is the expected time.


My girls got dressed up in their fanciest attire (if you don't count their princess dress up clothes), ballet buns and all for an outing. We went to see a production of Peter and the Wolf & The Nightingale ballet. Afterwards we shared white chocolate raspberry tiramisu. It was a special time together!


The other day my little boy (yes, I will leave him unnamed) was either bored in his room during nap time or just wanted to pull a naughty stunt. He decided to tear every last page out of 3 children's books and each one of those pages into a hundred (may just 10) pieces.
They weren't just any books they were LIBRARY BOOKS! So when I take them up to the stereotypical librarian, she shook her head and said, "what a shame! I guess you'll be buying those." I muttered who knows what... She totaled it up and said "that will be $53". I tried to compose myself, but I was in sickened shock. A fellow librarian, who had pity on my expression, told her to take off the processing fee of $9. I said, "wow, I don't know if I can afford to borrow books anymore". I'm sure she was thinking, "you can't afford to have have such a naughty child."
We left the library that day with no books. Eventually I will be brave enough to have library books in my house and then I will guard them with my life!


Is it springtime yet?

I haven't been very diligent on posting here lately. Sorry to those who have been checking...

We are all getting a little restless as the winter is getting long. There's something about children cooped up in a house that makes everyone feel like bursting. They are doing good, despite. A couple months to go...
Thomas the train has been great indoor entertainment.

Poor Leyla has been so sick this week.

Valentines Day is a nice distraction from the winter gloom. Today Chloe and Leyla woke up to a pink stuffed gorilla and a note from daddy to his "sweetharts".
We've also made Valentines.

Here they are! Chloe calls them "clementines".

Andy and I celebrated Valentines Day last Friday night. Not only is it a time for us to remember the Lord's blessing on our marriage, but it was also 8 years ago that we got engaged! We ate at my favorite restaurant downtown and then went to the outdoor ice skating rink. It was only 10 degrees out, but if we kept moving we were warm. We thawed out with hot drinks at a coffee shop.

Us before our date.