She picks out her own clothes. 
We are all happier that way. ;)


Elim did

go garage sailing
find these handsome sets for him & cousin
make his daddy roll his eyes at mommy
pose for the camera


Elim did

decide he would love more than milk in his diet.
Now he just needs to convince his mother...




paint brushes in little hands

night prayer walks with my husband

summer reiteration: go make disciples

1st week of school in finished, a fresh start

the Lord: the best schoolmaster

morning light shimmering in big neighborhood trees


a new camper with "camping" scribbled on the calendar

talking with Grandpa about Him

baby cousins

family fun day at Willowbrook

homemade peach jam

rain all day long

legos in the early a.m.

Elim's dirty clothes from army crawling on the floors

the kiddos' soft skin after morning showers

Turkey Hill Ranch Bible Camp

teenage cousins

herbs that didn't survive the heat