Elim did

let his mama get a few snaps of his slumber before he 

woke up

and gave every face in his repertoire 

and a wave

and only a mama can't decide which face is her favorite because they all are.


It was a hard day full of bad attitudes, bickering, impatience...

Thank you for this morning's sunrise. Out my bedroom window, You showed me glory.

Thank you for Mondays, even when we're tired and crazed and not who we should be and I am humbled when the little people ask for forgiveness.

Thank you for the cross that has saved me from myself. 

Thank you for my grandpa's 85th birthday celebration. As his sight fails and his hearing is almost gone, may his eyes see You clearly and his ear's hear Your call.

Thank you for my husband working late tonight so that we can head up to SBL just a bit earlier this week.

Thank you for a family photo session with a 8 month pregnant friend. The rain was falling and we were ready, then the clouds broke and the sun shone His care for the little things. It was beautiful and we had fun. Who knew?

Thank you for camping one last time this year. Even a crabby baby can't make a fire, golden leaves, and hiking trail anything less than good.

Thank you for harvest during sunset. Year after year it never gets old riding the combine with Dad.

Thank you for the sunset over those fields of provision.


Gift # 171