Name Calling

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I know they look like best friends. They are. But also, too often, worst enemies. I suppose it comes with the 3-kids-so-close-in-age territory.

Lately, their choice words when offended by each other are "You big rat!".
And it is the ultimate insult.

Before this name calling gets any worse, I am going to have to start administering vinegar on those dirty little tongues.


The girls loved their year at Grace Ballet where character is taught through dance.

Observation: tutus have a way of making them look so childlike and innocent.
Inspired to take this quiz via Rachel's blog.

Your style is:
Eastern Boho
ways in your home.
Your home is a gallery -every wall tells a story.
Not concerned with what you neighbors homes are like,
you are true to your own style.
Well rounded, you enjoy spending time at home as much as
you do going out.
You are confident and authentic.
Your home is rich with many details and textures.

I'd have to agree with the description, but not the photos so much.
I like more color & more white than this.
Also, I lean towards 'American farmhouse' more than a 'muti cultural 'style.
That was fun! Go see what you come up with.


summer is whirling by
so many fun things - should I feel guilty?
school books are ordered & the decision tormenting is laid to rest
camps and camping are "our thing" (have you noticed?)
the pool pass is coming in handy
our neighborhood is great in the summer
so is our town - the community feeling is on a high
this living room has got to get painted
Wrigley field did Andy good last week

more pics to come after I edit. I don't know how to edit...