1st camping weekend.

Another rainy day....

and a little bright spot.



You don't know what you're in for boy.
Now that's a haircut.
The goat says, "Maaa Maaa"
"Son, you look just like me now."
Here he is.

  • no combing necessary
  • no shampooing necessary
  • very cool
  • prone to major sunburn
  • a bit sickly looking
  • thank goodness hair grows

You say, "What's with those grainy photos?"
I say, "so sorry".


Real Life.

It seems like I should be used these sort of transformations by now...and the fact that I don't even realize when they are happening...


It's a Trip...

But there's no journey I'd rather be on than that of motherhood.
A "hello, we love you" to both our mom's, who through their diligence and display of Christ's love have given us (and continue to give) more than we can ever thank them for. -A&J
Happy Mother's Day!
Scenery compliments of Rebekah Stevenson


A Little Girl's Party

This was Leyla's first birthday party with little friends. The girl factor was high. Dresses, hats, musical chairs, flowers, pink, dancing, butterflies and bows. Because that's just what Leyla is: a lot of girliness, a whole bunch of sweetness and a little bit feistiness.
Happy 6th birthday!


Light is sweet, and it is pleasant for a person to see the sun. Ecclesiastes 11:7

Jef Maion photography


Ready or Not Here We Come

We've never been more ready for spring. But where is it? It's May! And if spring doesn't come out from hiding soon, I just might need to make my first visit to a psychiatrist.

(This photo was take of the the posies that graced the grass in Tulsa, not here.)

  • Since it's May 1st that means somebody is going to be 6yrs. old tomorrow. Today we are decorating, baking, shopping, and planning.
  • We are now excited owners of a pop-up camper. Thus, 2 camping trips have been planned in the next month. One to the local lake and one to the mountains of CO.
  • Swimming lessons will surely make good swimmers in the hot months to come.
  • A tiny life is starting to grow. Or, to just put it simply: my sister is pregnant! Crazy. Yay, for the first neice or nephew on my side!
  • Pella's tulip festival is on the agenda for Saturday. I hope there's a tulip.
  • The academic weeks are coming to a close. The students are happy. And that has no reflection whatsoever on their teacher.

Till we meet again, we will miss you Grandma.

The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; Yea, I have a goodly heritage.
Psalm 16:6