The race that we try to do every year (this is the 4th) is just shy of a half marathon and is great motivation to get in shape for the summer.  Andy signed me up a couple months ago and I started to train, but backed out when I found out I was prego - to not risk it. However, I had to be down there to watch everyone cross that finish line! It's such a fun hype, despite dragging kids out of bed on this rainy morning. The soggy runners finished just as the sky cleared. I don't know how they made it in the wind and rain!

 Andy coming to the line making a personal best time!

 Excited cheerleaders.

 Kari still smiling.

There's my brother in the blue. He didn't train. Just decided to run the night before.

 Yay! Great job! Kari, Anna, Jill.
 Anna used my # and didn't train either. Makes me sick.=)

 Andy, Joel, Jill
(Where's Nate?)

We were kid-less the rest of Saturday and Sunday to celebrate my birthday. We visited the art center garden and
 hid in here to avoid another rain storm. 

 Trying not to get wet, but were unsuccesful

So was this wedding. It got dumped on during the marching band recessional. Look closely, very strange wedding.

Then ate we caribbean cajun bbq followed by drive-in malts where we bumped into friends, and the movie Babies.

This weekend: can you guess? We are going camping.


I will sing to the Lord because He has dealt bountifully with me.
Ps. 32:6

Today is my 32nd (ekkk) birthday and I want to share the gift I'm holding precious today. It's the new life of another baby! Our family is praising Him and cherishing what He's given.

Thank you for your prayers!
 Please continue.

The realization that this baby is not mine is very real to me. Along with that comes fears and a bit of anxiety. But it is also just the right place to be with this little one, with Daisy, with my miscarriage a few years ago, and with my 3 active, healthy children. None of them are mine. I don't deserve to keep them and the Lord's plan for each life is wonderful. My hope can lie in nothing else than Him. He is enough.

This baby is due the same week we lost Daisy. The first week of January.