Oh Boy

Because we will want to remember this week when he's a sophisticated & responsible adult,
here goes all his doings of late. With in one week. He and the neighbor boy.
  • Opened 2 cans of paint in the garage, (making a "airplane" with 2 buddies) painted pieces of wood, the garage floor, paint on himself. Mixed black into my brand new gallon for my living room redo.
  • Picked a pumpkin out of a neighbor's yard to decorate friend's porch.
  • Broke the basement window with a hammer. Ate s'mores supplies in basement storage room and then peed in tin bin. Dressed in snow clothes and climbed in the deep freezer.
  • Decided to make a "light saber" by mixing my collection of acrylics and watercolors and spilling across my white dining room bench.
  • Broke into another neighbor's garage to play "star wars". Stripped buck naked (a must for playing star wars?) and then pooped. Pooped. This boy and his buddy.
I sure love you, but you can let up on the mischief pretty please?