Well, the "play" part is accurate, but it's not much of a "house".
Make believe can happen in the most primitive places. And the kids who play in this house say it's fun to be very poor.
Good. Maybe they won't complain about what's for dinner in my house when theirs looks like this.
Leafy greens are yummy and fun to eat, right kids?!

What a nice ceiling.







  • You have guests over and everyone eats in front of the t.v.
  • Your 4 year old sleeps in until 11 a.m. (Oh my goodness.)
  • You hear your daughter doing an interview as Shawn Johnson. ("Yes, my name is Shawn Johnson and I started gymnastics when I was five. I'm going for the a gold medal, but yes, I'm VERY nervous. I know God will help me, though, and give me the strength I need.Thank you very much...")
  • Extremes. Opening day: your hubby used serious restraint to not go out and spend $ (for the first time ever) on a new t.v. And you predict that, closing ceremony: he will throw the t.v. we have out the window.
  • Your workouts have a whole new meaning and very unobtainable dreams & images.
  • The living room stays set up for nightly dinners in front of the tube.
  • You get teary with every victory and defeat. (Thanks, mom.)
  • "The Olympics are even better than I imagined!" your 6 year old exclaims after watching her first 10 minutes.
  • The family's bread winner can hardly function with 5 hours of sleep night after night. (Tearing siding off the house in the evenings does not help.)
  • Even your decorating is taking on an oriental flare (at least the Mr. says so).

  • The "Today Show" is on in the morning because your little girl has to catch up on what happened after she fell asleep.


Garden Party Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Sorry, don't mind me, I'm just wanting to win these cute clothes. (And you have to "create a link" to do it.)
How does this lady sew like she does? And what possesses her to give these adorable items away?!
Oh well, I'll just join in on the fun.


Dress up.
It's not just for home, it's an out & about must.

And the stares & smiles from the general public are just fine.


Home from Turkey Hill

Besides almost melting from the heat, we once again had a blast! We all agree that camp is one of our favorite family experiences. It's so refreshing to be with other believers, to hear from God's Word throughout the day, romp around the outdoors, and have small opportunities to serve.

We had some fun on those dusty county roads too! Speaking of roads, my personal favorite is Hwy 63 through southern Iowa where you are likely to see the Amish on horse and buggy.

Nantucket Weekend GIVEAWAY!!!!

Wow! Get more information via Design Mom. If you have a little girl or know one you just might be happy you did.


Are you ready for the
Olympics ?

Check out these photos of the opening ceremony. We are hyped up about the games!


Destination: Turkey Hill Ranch

Forecast: 100 degrees
To Do: pack
Departure: Saturday
Kids: geared up
Anticipating: hugs from G'ma & G'pa
Spirits: high