We had the most adorable brood at our house on Saturday.

Our prayers are with their aunt Katie and the entire Bloom/Clarkson family during this difficult time.
May the Lord continue to "turn their grief into gladness and give them comfort and joy in the place of their sorrow." Jeremiah 31:13

(These children belong to her and her.)


Summer nights

I never want to let them go. The past winter is still a haunting memory. So bring on the heat!
Thunderstorms, fresh produce,
bike rides, dinner on the porch, walks to the park...Summer, please be here to stay.


The guilt of my neglect here is overtaking me.

So I'll scrounge something up...

Leyla and her friend, Annalise, made these doll houses a while back. There are so simple, so cute and provide hours of fun with polly pockets - or any little dolls.

Directions are found here. (Correction: notches are 4" and 6", not 2".)
Cutting and gluing
Who care is the scale is slightly off.
Who cares if the couch is floating on the ceiling!
All set up.
Good job girls.



We are driving home from camp where the kids just held a cat. The girls are playing some sort of make-believe where Chloe is sick... so I guess it would be obvious that Leyla would ask:

"Mommy and Daddy, can you get leprosy from a poisonous cat?"

This is what she looked like when posing the question.

She's hoping to be a doctor some day...hmmm...


I'm sorry dear blog, but you're just not on top of my to do list.
Real life is. Stuff like; scraping wallpaper, a mound of ironing, swimming, packing for camp, trying to make granola, biking, playing baseball with a little boy, chatting with neighbors...
Soon I'll tell you more about it. But for now, life's just a bowl of cherries.