just thinking

Two questions I have tonight as I ponder your existence,

One - in 1 Cor 13, does anyone have any thoughts as to why Paul closes w/ Faith, Hope, Love, these three...Why not service, giving, kindness, godliness, longsuffering, you-fill-in-the-blank? Is he indicating these are the pinnacle of Christian living? Certainly love is, which of course is reflected in being the greatest commandment and the second like unto it. But why the other two?

And Two - I said something the other day that I can't figure out if it was deeply brilliant or blazingly stupid. At work I was discussing a particular land purchase / development deal we are currently working through, and said to a co-worker, "so what it boils down to is, if you don't know anything, what do you know?" Hmmm...what does that mean really?


These Rolie Polie Olie (Clayton) and Zowie (Leyla) costumes didn't sell, but they made for a cute picture.

This weekend I held a garage sale here. We are in a prime location for one, so we only used signs to advertise. (Plus the fact that I procrastinated and did not get the ad in on time).

With the contribution of 7 families, we were scrounging for tables to put everything on. It was a HUGE sale just like the sign said! Leah, Heidi, and I had the most stuff and also ran the show along with the help of our 8 children. Thank you to Heather, Laila, and Julie for helping out also!

Are garage sales worth it? Basically we spent all day Thursday setting up and pricing, then held the actual sale on Friday and Saturday. We came away with, exhaustion, fun fellowship, $860, and a garage to still clean out... I'm not sure if it was worth it, but oh well.

However, it sure feels good to rid of stuff you don't need. I was also reminded to evaluate more seriously my purchases. I know what I paid for most items was a lot more than what I sold them for...

We were quite entertained by what folks actually buy:
>A pop can chiller, all you do is place your soda on this battery operated rotating mechanism and it promised to have your drink chilled in seconds!
>A S'mores Wizard, enjoy the nostalgia of making s'mores indoors, huh?
>Crushed, half way torn apart pink FAKE tulips.
>Picture frames and cds were popular sales.
>Stuffed animals, doesn't everyone have too many of these?

Watch out! You'd be surprise how many sneaky tag switchers there are! Come on people, it's a garage sale, you're already getting a deal!


Isn't it great!

I know most of you know, but I just want to shout it from the roof top! This news has been the highlight of my week! Here I go, "I'M SO HAPPY THERE IS LITTLE HELLER JR. ON THE WAY!!!!!! CONGRATS, JOHN AND KARI!!!!!" Jenica (obviously).


Some more

Josh and Brook (his shirt says "do you have your ticket to my gun show?" with arrows pointing to his biceps)

Andrew, Holly & James

L o n g Awaited Camp Pics



Nate and Rachel

Caleb and Anna


Kicking back

Josh C., Andy, Nate


Camp - one of the better things in life

Ozark 2 was a great time! We love the fellowship, spiritual encouaragement, activities, and for me not having to cook all week!


These are some of the many people we enjoyed:
Phil and Martha, grandparents are the best and our children have the best!
Nate and Rachel and our adorable nephews, Micah and Ezra.
Kim Dillon and one of Leyla's favorite friend's Ana, we had such fun catching up as we crossed paths for one day in between camps. They will soon be adopting a baby girl, Ruth Colean! We will have to plan a trip to CO to meet her.
Caleb and Anna who stopped Sat night till Sun afternoon, what a happy married couple they are!
Andrew and Holly with sweet little James, who was all smiles.
Josh and Brook they were only there a couple days, but Josh's t-shirts kept us laughing
Rory Baily with her cuties, Jacob and Joel
Abby Chesney, Leyla loved her little girl, Cami. Michael was a great bug collector. Her hubby couldn't make it, maybe next year.
Josh and Rachel Chesney She is prego and due in about 6 wks. with a girl to be named Addison Rebecca
Glen and Joy Thompson their 2 girls are Leyla and Chloe's age, Katara and Sammilayne they had a great time together.
The Moffitts, yes they were all there, except Becky. The cousins were such a help in entertaining the kids, so nice.

Spiritual Encouragement:

Sam Thorpe from GA was the general session speaker. He spoke on the importance of the Breaking of Bread. It was refreshing to be reminded of our role as priests and how Christ is so worthy of our worship. We have the priviledge and responsibility to remember His death through the simple yet profound symbols of the bread and wine.

Grady Dollar from TX taught an elective on prayer. Some of his points were:
1. Pray with an open Bible, pray the Word. Jn. 5:14-15
2. Serious prayer is noted for it's transparency. Dan. 9:5-6
3. Serious prayer always has the glory of God at stake. Dan 9:17-19
4. Serious prayer is communion with God, it brings revelation, understanding and wisdom. Dan. 9: 20-23
5. Serious prayer gets results.


We swam everyday considering the upper 90 degree weather. One day we did a tube float down the river. The kids were a little timid, but were fine in all their floaties. Upon entering, Leyla flipped out about the fog she saw in the river (stirred up mud) and of course didn't want to get her shoes dirty. ;)

Leyla loved going to morning kids classes. Her favorite was doing the craft, hopefully she learned something too.

Andy and Glen got squashed in 2 on 2 volleyball. Those Chesney boys have another thing coming next year!

Andy helped cook all afternoon one day. We served a meal and pawned the kids off to g'ma and g'pa. Next year we hope to help out more. Those Lindamoods sure work hard in that kitchen!

So if you want to go to camp here's more details http://www.turkeyhillranch.com. We are a little bias because afterall it's where we fell in love... Jenica

Check back for pictures!......