30 Weeks

photo by Caden

Feeling great here! 
Also, I'm realizing how close it's getting to meeting this baby. I've been sewing up a few tiny & simple things, but I need to get for real ready soon - before the holidays start rolling.
order a crib mattress
sew a crib quilt
hang roman shades
hunt down a bassinet
order cloth diaper supplies
clean car seat in storage
sew more baby clothes =)
switch Caden to bunk with the girls (temporarily)

In related news, my sister who is due 10 days after me is having a boy, too.
And my brother and his wife just announced they are expecting!

The kids pray every night that this baby will come to live with them and the Lord has given peace that this Christmas will be so much different than last.
We are very blessed.


 They play house outside while I do the real thing inside.
It's a perfect combination.